Friday, August 1, 2008

Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

Kealie's post yesterday was very appropriate. Not only are high heels sexy, they can actually improve your sex life. And, no, not just by getting men turned on!

1. According to an Italian doctor, 2" heels can help improve the pelvic floor muscles. Those are the muscles that assist sexual performance and satisfaction, along with some other things... so... pull our those spikes. You're doing your body a favor.

2. The Dilbert Blog came up with a way to improve your sex life. Based on research that indicated that if a person commits to an opinion in writing (even if he doesn't believe it) within a few months he holds that opinion in fact, it has been proposed it can work on a person's sex appeal. The blog says, "Go down to the local mall with a clipboard and pretend to be doing a research experiment. Offer $1 to attractive people who will write a paragraph describing how incredibly sexy you are. (Based on the research, you should offer a low dollar amount so people don’t think they did it entirely for the money.) Tell participants that the research has to do with handwriting analysis of people who are writing opinions they do not believe...Give the participants your e-mail address and tell them they can get the results of the research study in a month if they contact you. According to the science, about two-thirds of the people who wrote a paragraph on your sex appeal will strongly believe it a month later, no matter how hideous you are. And a few of those people will remember to e-mail you for the results." Who knows... it might be worth a shot ;-)

3. Forget the oysters. Steak, cottage cheese, salmon and low-fat yogurt up the body's levels of dopamine--neurotransmitters that signal the anticipation of reward and satiation.

4. Oxytocin, known as the "cuddle" hormone,is released at orgasm and can be released by various forms of sensory stimultion. So, get out that warm oil and have a nice sensual massage. It has also been shown that eating chile peppers causes a massive surge in oxytocin. Steak and peppers, anyone?

Finally... if you aren't sure if you NEED to improve your sex life.... go take the quiz. This is a take home test :-)

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Kealie Shay said...

So, um... my DH selflessly volunteers for research... I don't think we need to improve on that.

Then again... it never hurts to ramp it up a bit. ;-D