Thursday, May 26, 2011


Yessir, that's right, I sold Permanent to Total-E-Bound. I'm psyched. Not sure when it will come out, but hey, I'm stoked. Feels good knowing it was good enough that an editor wanted it.

More details to come, but here's the blurb:

Sometimes love just ain’t enough...

River Cortland trusted the person he loved. His faith couldn’t protect him from the bitter sting of a cold-hearted Domme. If he’s going to learn to trust again, he’s got to deal with his past. His roommate and best friend, Tory, has seen the physical damage and hasn’t walked away. Can he deal with the emotional scars as well?

Tory McClellan wanted the carefree life...until one night with River changed everything. There’s more to the shy art teacher and Tory wants to know everything-how he tastes, the scent of his skin, the feel of his body as they make love. What terror lies behind River’s brown eyes? Better yet, how can Tory make the sadness go away and be in River’s live, permanently?

Contains flashbacks of a rape, m/m, anal sex, light bondage, spanking.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Fun ~ Two Weeks to the Lori Foster Get Together!!

Last year, Kealie and I had an absolute blast at the Lori Foster Reader/Author Get Together. It's kinda like RT but smaller, and lots more cozier (yes, I realize the grammar there stinks). We got to meet some awesome people and have a blast and win some cool stuff. Ok, I don't think we actually won anything, but Kealie drooled enough over the iPad. Oh well.

So the countdown starts. In two weeks, we get to have fun, cause trouble and be Kealie and Megan--in person. We's gonna have soo much fuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnn!!!

Who else will be there? Glad you asked:
Lori Foster
L.L. Foster
Dianne Castell aka Duffy Brown

Toni Blake
Mary Burton
Kate Douglas
LuAnn McLane
Nalini Singh
Shiloh Walker
Lacey Alexander
Anya Bast
Dana Marie Bell
Trinity Blacio
Monica Burns
Lynn Carmer
Dakota Cassidy
Paige Cuccaro
Virna De Paul
Cherie Denis
Sasha Devlin
Delilah Devlin
Cheryl Dragon
Marie Force
Madelyn Ford
Leanna Renee Hieber
Jambrea Jo Jones
Marteeka Karland
Rosemary Laurey
Robyn Mackenzie
Donna MacMeans
Annie Marshall
Janice Maynard
D. McEntire
Linda McMaken
Cindy Spencer Pape
Anne Rainey
KJ Reed
Zenobia Renquist
Jayne Rylon
J.A. Saare
Bianca Sommerland
Rosalie Stanton
Sandy Sullivan
Paige Tyler
Beth Williamson
Wendi Zwaduk

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Take Me Home!!!

I switched with Mysti this week because....I have a free read!!

Want to read a saucy male-male story? Then you're in the right place. Click the cover and you can read my free read Take Me Home. I love these characters and hope you enjoy them, too. Let me know what you think!

Friday, May 6, 2011

When One Story Morphs into Another...

Have you ever had a story that started out as a simple two people fall in love kind of story and it morphs out of control into another story? Like, into two or more?

I'm so there.

The Elemental story is going great guns. Really is. It's fun. I love the characters and I'm having a blast writing their path to love. But what's a pain is, there are secondary characters that want their due, too. Yeah. They want me to tell their story at the same darned time. I'm only one person. If I can't keep three eager vampires from getting a little twitchy from time to time, how do you think I can keep two gay Elementals from consuming all my time?

I can't.

I know...while others are dealing with writer's block, I've got the so tough job of having too many characters talking at once.

And the story I've been plunking away at with Kealie...V? Yeah, it's starting to come back into focus a bit. Kinda funny because the characters wouldn't hush there for a while and then crickets. Now they want to talk a but more.

I'll deal.

I'm off to hottie hunt and to work on the WIPs. Ta!