Friday, July 29, 2011

Guest Blogging at the Anniversary Blog Fest for Whipped Cream!

So I am hanging out today over at the Whipped Cream Guest Blog. Yeah! Anniversary Blog Fest, Baby! Come on over. Lot's of prizes and hey, I will comment on your comments. I'm popping in and out of the Fest, so keep those peepers peeled.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Let Us Post Your Book Video on Our Book Video Sundays!

We Wild Women have been posting book trailers on this blog every Sunday!

If you’re an author looking for promotional opportunities, then we here at The Menagerie can help. We have set aside Sundays to play your Book Trailer, if you have one to share.

If you would like us to post your book trailer as part of your ongoing promotions campaign just email us at: and let us know what days would work for you. As sometimes the demand is great for a certain day, please give us more than one day in order of preference and we'll try to accommodate your needs as much as we can.

Hope to hear from you.

~Kealie, Megan, Mysti and JennyKat
~ The Ladies of The Menagerie

Megan's Friday Post on THURSDAY & A Free Read!

I thought I'd post today because I've got a free read out. You guessed it. Today. *G*
This is a favorite story of mine because I got to write about a stripper. I've never been a stripper, but do wield a mighty whip. It was fun to try to make Andie realistic. I hope you like it, too. Click the cover to read it.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I've been stuck in a rut for ... well, we won't go there, but it's been rough. I hate it. I want to write. I have ideas. But man...getting them out there. You know, on the computer, that's a toughy.

I called Kealie, cuz I can't not talk to her, and I said, yanno, this sucks.

"So...set a goal? You can do it."

First I did a headsmack. Then I went, duh! I mean, man, I've got at least four guys wanting to get horizontal...vertical...hang from the chandaliers....anyway, they want to get frisky and not just in my head.

"How about 2k a day? You can do it."

Again, headsmack. Duh to me. Yeah, I can do it. Instead of putzing around and staring at the computer...I'm going to get down to it. I got my first 2k done last night, so I'm jazzed. And looking at the man on the side there...well, he doesn't hurt. Yanno? (wink, wink).

Enjoy. I'm off to get another 2k under my belt. Or to use the belt to restrain one of them...or something. You get the idea.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Fun With Megan...Talking Turkey?

Ok, so I'm not really writing about talking turkeys, but I got your attention. Ha!

As I sit here to write this post, I can honestly say I am baffled. I have no idea what to write. I've found about thirteen things to do OTHER than write the post...

Write on my WIP

Get bored and stare into space

Focus on Transformers cartoon

Text Kealie

Worry about the EDJ

Wander over to Yahoo

Wander over to Hunk Du Jour to drool at Matthew Morrison

Wipe up drool from the drool fest

Stare at computer

Listen to a tractor outside

Wonder what the farmer on said tractor looks like

Wonder if said farmer has a hankering for his pal on the fender

Attempt to reel in overactive imagination--we're talking a hot afternoon, jug of icy water, full wagon of baled straw, two hunks shining with sweat and a couple of erections for good measure...yeah, I got a

Sadly, I gave you a Friday Thirteen...nothing about Turkeys, a view into the mind of a slightly distracted author and a Friday Post.

I'm off to work on that farmer story. I mean, why not?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thirteen Things I Love About Summer!

Hey all .... it's Mysti. I've been AWOL (and thanks go out to Megan who's been doing this all on her own the past several weeks), but I'm back and am celebrating summer.

How can you not love summer? Here are some reasons why I do (in totally random order):

1. Sexy guys in very little clothing. Yum.

2. Home grown tomatoes, warm from the vine.

3. Warm sunshine!

4. Fresh fruit in season.

5. Flowers in my garden.

6. Long walks without freezing my can.

7. Longer days!

8. Happy kidlet.

9. Green growing things.

10. Vacations

11. Butterflies

12. Ice Cream

13. Barbecues

What do you love about summer?

Friday, July 1, 2011

What Turns You On?

What gets you in the mood? I'm not talking romantic dinners and candle light. Phpfpfpfpfp. I mean tunes. What tunes get you in the mood to write a sexy scene? Or are you visual? OR are you like me and need a little of both?

Then I thought for my post today, I'd share my tunes and my pics. Can't be greedy.

Addicted by Saving Abel

Bleed to Love Her by Fleetwood Mac

Just Like Heaven by The Cure