Thursday, July 21, 2011


I've been stuck in a rut for ... well, we won't go there, but it's been rough. I hate it. I want to write. I have ideas. But man...getting them out there. You know, on the computer, that's a toughy.

I called Kealie, cuz I can't not talk to her, and I said, yanno, this sucks.

"So...set a goal? You can do it."

First I did a headsmack. Then I went, duh! I mean, man, I've got at least four guys wanting to get horizontal...vertical...hang from the chandaliers....anyway, they want to get frisky and not just in my head.

"How about 2k a day? You can do it."

Again, headsmack. Duh to me. Yeah, I can do it. Instead of putzing around and staring at the computer...I'm going to get down to it. I got my first 2k done last night, so I'm jazzed. And looking at the man on the side there...well, he doesn't hurt. Yanno? (wink, wink).

Enjoy. I'm off to get another 2k under my belt. Or to use the belt to restrain one of them...or something. You get the idea.

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