Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thirteen Things I Love About Summer!

Hey all .... it's Mysti. I've been AWOL (and thanks go out to Megan who's been doing this all on her own the past several weeks), but I'm back and am celebrating summer.

How can you not love summer? Here are some reasons why I do (in totally random order):

1. Sexy guys in very little clothing. Yum.

2. Home grown tomatoes, warm from the vine.

3. Warm sunshine!

4. Fresh fruit in season.

5. Flowers in my garden.

6. Long walks without freezing my can.

7. Longer days!

8. Happy kidlet.

9. Green growing things.

10. Vacations

11. Butterflies

12. Ice Cream

13. Barbecues

What do you love about summer?


Mariposa said...

I love butterflies!!! :)

Shelley Munro said...

I'm sitting here, in a New Zealand winter, freezing. I nodded all the way through your list. I'd love to give up my jeans and layers of clothes to put on my shorts, T-shirts and Tevas again. Enjoy your summer.

Mysti Holiday said...

Mariposa -- butterflies are flowers that fly!

Shelley -- I actually thought about you when I posted! I've often wished I had a house here and a house there and could just shift places every six months or so, so I could have spring, summer, a little fall, spring summer, a little fall.

I hate winter.