Friday, May 6, 2011

When One Story Morphs into Another...

Have you ever had a story that started out as a simple two people fall in love kind of story and it morphs out of control into another story? Like, into two or more?

I'm so there.

The Elemental story is going great guns. Really is. It's fun. I love the characters and I'm having a blast writing their path to love. But what's a pain is, there are secondary characters that want their due, too. Yeah. They want me to tell their story at the same darned time. I'm only one person. If I can't keep three eager vampires from getting a little twitchy from time to time, how do you think I can keep two gay Elementals from consuming all my time?

I can't.

I know...while others are dealing with writer's block, I've got the so tough job of having too many characters talking at once.

And the story I've been plunking away at with Kealie...V? Yeah, it's starting to come back into focus a bit. Kinda funny because the characters wouldn't hush there for a while and then crickets. Now they want to talk a but more.

I'll deal.

I'm off to hottie hunt and to work on the WIPs. Ta!

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