Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm LATE!!!

I'm late today... but sometimes that's just how life goes. I was tempted to cheat and just post a funny YouTube video for your enjoyment. Nah.

I've been finding lately that even with the best of intentions (or schedules) things that I need to do just aren't getting done in a timely fashion. Even when I take the time to set an alarm or reminder, I have too much on my plate. The ideal solution would be to reduce some of the things that I do. How in the world do you choose?

The different choices include spending time with my children (HA, not giving that one up... they make me laugh even when they make me crazy), spending time with my hubby (.... well... yanno, I need someone to experiment with :::waggling brow:::) working (Ummm... nope, need the extra money), cleaning (well, I guess if I wanted to live in a pigsty then that one could go...), eating (hmm... I wouldn't have to worry about my jeans fitting... but the rumbly in my tumbly sound would get rather annoying), reading (ACK.... :::plugging ears::: la la la la la la), writing (are you kidding! Can you imagine how bad the voices would get if they had no way out of my head?)... Well, I don't really see me getting rid of any of the above activities anytime soon.

It looks like I just need to manage my time a bit better. Any suggestions?

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