Sunday, August 17, 2008

Trailer for "One Enchanted Summer" by Marguerite Arotin

One Enchanted Summer by Marguerite Arotin

Deana Curtis, a young law-school student vacationing in Manchester, England is shocked to find herself transported back to 1962 after she makes a wish on a golden amulet. There she meets her childhood crush—Tristan Wallace. Armed with the knowledge of Tristan’s bleak future, can she stop the sexy spy/ rock star from mysteriously disappearing?

Tristan wants to believe that the golden-haired pixie is telling the truth, but her story sounds insane. Could she truly be a time traveler who made a wish to help him? As he grows closer to Deana, he not only believes her, but worries that he will be unable protect her from his evil enemy—communist spy, Sascha Pope.


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