Thursday, August 25, 2011

So...It's Friday and I'm Chatting!!

I wasn't sure what to Blog about today, but hey, I thought, yanno, sometimes the MA peeps don't mosey over to my blog, so this is over there, too. Read on!

Fire Woman got a release date: September 23rd. I am stoked. Yes, I am. And wow, do things happen fast. But it's so good. I mean, it's exciting to know I've got something that will be published and not just on my site.

I did have a story that was kicked back, but yanno...I was, yes, I was upset about it initially. It was one of those not the right fit, thanks but no thanks rejections. Now, although I was bummed, it wasn't because I was angry. Far from it. In fact, I'm going to sub to this press in the future. Absolutely. What I struggled with was the lack of comments. What do I fix? What do I improve upon? Was there any of the story that was good? Now, before you get up in arms, cuz like I said, I was irked at first, look at it this way: presses are taking the work. They are offering the chance. If they don't want to work...then they don't have to. And it's ok. Why? Because they want what's ready, NOW. So mine wasn't ready now. Doesn't mean I should hate the press or get really pissed. Nope. It means I need to up my game and make sure the next sub is even tighter. It's a challenge and I love a challenge.

Speaking of challenges, the one I got from my friend, the 10k in 14 days. I did it. I won. Doesn't mean the book will be accepted. Heck, it could find the same fate as the above book. Happens. But, ah, you see, I have this plan. What one doesn't like/want, might be exactly what another might want/like. Happens all the time. So as much as I'm chewing my nails down in anticipation and am more than a little down about the above book, I know that it's not the total end. Faith. I've got some.

I was given another challenge. I know, right, lots of these people ever sleep? Apparently not. But that's beside the point. So I was given the second challenge. 7k by Sept 23rd. I don't want to say easy peasy, cuz if the story doesn't flow, that 7k can be darned hard. But again, I don't back down. (yes, Tom Petty is so playing in my head). And I'm working on a shorty short for the Encounters line at Changeling.

I'm busier than heck, but I love it.

Check out my chat on Whipped Cream this weekend. Should be a blast. I'm up with Mysti at 6 pm on Sunday...unless the hurricane takes Mysti away. Let's hope it doesn't. See ya then!

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