Friday, August 5, 2011

Challenges!!!'s Finally Friday...the gang's all here. :-)

Sort of.

Ok, so I thought I'd talk about my week. See, I got this idear that it would be pretty cool to try to push myself to meet a deadline. I know. Crazy. But, I wanted to meet this deadline. I saw the call for submission and I thought, hey! That's what I write! I can do that.

So..... I pushed myself. Irritated my CPs (Wendi wanted to throttle me more than once) and begged the boys to help me research (they didn't mind a bit and went along gleefully). And...I got it turned in. I don't know if it's good enough. CPs all seem to think it's engaging and sexy. You know I can't write something sweet and syrupy without lots of sex.

But I mentioned this to a friend who threw down the gauntlet. She said, oh, so you did that sub. Are you going to do this one?

Uh... I dunno.

You should do it. I challenge you.

You all know I cannot back down from a challenge. Ask Kealie. So...10k in 14 days. It's not quite the Mysti/Kealie challenge of 2010, but hey, I'm not gonna back down.

What deadlines are you up against? Let me know so we can sweat together.

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