Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Author Interview ~ J.P. Bowie

Today we’d like to personally introduce a talented author and one of Megan’s favourites, JP Bowie.

Heck, yeah, man. I love the Vampire Series. We’re glad you’re here. So, JP, where are you from?

I was born in Aberdeen on the Northeast coast of Scotland - a bloody cold spot on the map. I moved to London when I was 19 and got involved with theatre work as a singer. My partner at the time was offered a dancing job in Las Vegas so we pulled up stakes and headed west where I have remained ever since living alternately between California and Nevada.

So you’re near Kealie. Road trip!! *g* Now, tell us your latest news.

Yes. Dish!

Currently I have 3 books in various stages of being edited and proofed and I have been doing some audio work for Audiolark which keeps me very busy. Audio work is fun to do though, as it lets me use some of my theatrical tendencies - you know, you can’t keep a good drama queen down!

Oh so now we very much have to go hunt those down. A good voice always brings the book to life—especially if there’s a brogue. What inspired you to write your first book?

My first book A Portrait of Phillip came about after I’d read about a coma patient who suddenly woke up after 10 years - I thought, Wow, that must be an amazing experience, so I wrote the story based on a young artist who was gay-bashed and in a coma for 3 years. I thought 10 years was a bit excessive for the storyline. When he wakes up he finds his lover had died in the bashing, then with the aid of a hunky PI he discovers that it wasn’t a gay-bashing at all, but a deliberate plot to silence his lover. That one story developed into a six consecutive stories, which I’m happy to say are getting a whole new lease of life as ebook releases through MLR Press.

Wow. Now that’s some research and heart string pulling stuff. Since you’re talking about realism, how much of your books is realistic?

I have written 8 vampire stories, so although they could be called unrealistic, for me, and from the emails I get from readers, for them too, the characters in the books feel very real. Paranormal stories are favourites of mine, apart from zombies. Can’t quite get past all that drool and pus - ugh. Not something I’d want to kiss. But vampires have a special allure, and I enjoy writing about them. The good thing about vampires is that you make anything of them you want, as long as you don’t take away the supernatural aura that must exist. The beautiful hypnotic eyes, the superhuman strength and the undeniable sensuality they exude. Plus I like their vulnerable side - their need to be protected from sunlight and silver tipped weapons. Realistic? Yeah!

What do you mean they aren’t real? I live with three vampires. *g* Love them all, so they are real to me, too.

You keep collecting new ones, too. What I want to know is, who is your favourite character?

I have three of four favourite characters actually. Jeff Stevens, the private investigator from the Portrait series, Marcus Verano, the master vampire from My Vampire and I series, and Nick Fallon, another private investigator from the Nick Fallon Investigation series. All these guys have strengths and frailties. They can charge in like the cavalry at the eleventh hour, but they can also make mistakes which for me makes them endearingly human - yes, even the vampire! I recently added another favourite - Sergeant Jack Caruthers, an Aussie soldier featured in one of my recent novels, Nowhere to Hide. Jack’s the kind of guy you definitely want at your back in moments of crisis - and it doesn’t hurt that he’s easy on the eye and a great kisser!

Le sigh. Love a good kisser, especially if he’s hot.

Oh good grief. Stop or go fan yourself. Back to the interview. How many books have you written and which is your favourite?

I think I’m going on 46 books with three of four waiting in the wings. Some of those like Cruising and Lunches in Laguna are part of anthologies for Total-e-bound but most are single releases. A Portrait of Phillip was my first book and for that reason probably it’s my favourite. My Vampire and I was my first vampire story and still remains my pick of the series. In a way, it’s hard to just say “that’s my favourite”, because usually when I finish writing a story I’m pleased with it - like With a Little Help From My Friends and Trip of a Lifetime. I love the characters in both of those books.

With a Little Help was a favourite until I got a chance to devour the Vampire series. Hey, I’m a fan. And since I’m a writer, do you have any advice for other writers?

For new writers waiting for their first release I share their excitement. For those awaiting news of their first submission, I know what that feeling of dread is like. For those who have had their work rejected, I say there’s nothing like stick-with-it-ness. It’s the old adage, if at first you don’t succeed, etc. For those who receive a lousy review for the work they created, sweated and cried over for weeks or months, sometimes even years, just say, “Sod it!” and move on. A review is only one person’s opinion after all. And for those writers who give other writers lousy reviews I say, “Sod you!”

Can I say I am in love? Seriously. He got it totally right. I haven’t gotten my first review, as my book isn’t out yet, but I’m working on the thick skin aspect.

Yanno, I’m grinning, too. We’ve both been on the poor end of reviews, even if it’s for our free reads and we certainly know the sting of rejection/revision. But let’s move onto the fun stuff. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

I had a boyfriend who was determined to get me to like sushi. I never fancied it, but you know when you’re keen on someone you go along with it, we went to this quite expensive sushi place, and I did all right until the eel...OMG...I can still remember the godawful texture. The expression on my face must have been a picture. I spat it out into my napkin and said, “Let’s go!” The boyfriend was not impressed.

I’ll be right back. I’m going to be sick. Eel? Sushi? Shudder.

She’s got a weak stomach. Shrugs. When you looked in the mirror this morning, what was the first thing you thought?

What happened?

Now, now. You look fine. We both love the thunder. Do you like thunderstorms?

Love thunderstorms - we get some big ones in the desert that are truly awesome. I stand outside - I know, not clever - and let the rain pour down on me. I’ve actually used thunderstorms a couple of times in books.

Isn’t that what thunderstorms are for? Well, that and nookie, but...

Hush, you. She’s incorrigible. Can you tie a cherry stem in a knot?

Can’t everyone?

Yeah, then throw in a race to see who can first. That’s an icebreaker. Last question: What is your favourite animal?

Scottish terriers - I’m dogless at the moment but plan on fixing that soon. I had two Scotties, Angus and Sheena and they were the best dogs I ever had. So full of personality - no other dog could swagger like Angus could!

Awwwwww. We love dogs, too. Thanks for stopping by and for those interested in his book, Nowhere To Hide, here’s the blurb and the linky. Thanks JP and you’re always welcome to come back. We’ve got lots of room on the couch.

An American doctor meets an Australian soldier in the wilderness of Darfur, and soon their passion burns hotter than the desert sun.

Doctor Mark Hamilton working for Doctors Who Care International and stationed at a refugee clinic in Darfur, never thought he'd meet and fall in love with someone like Sergeant Major Jack -Boomer- Caruthers in the middle of the strife torn territory-nor could he ever imagine being sold as a sex slave to an exiled Prince!

Fortunately for Mark, it's Jack to the rescue. The two men make a daring escape into the desert and are picked up by Jack's team, but Mark ignores Jack's warning not to return to the clinic, with dire results.

Once again made captive by the slave traders, Mark can only cling to the hope that Jack's love for him is strong enough to face the dangers he will encounter in the vast deserts of Somalia.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Jim! (waves to Menagerie ladies and pool boys, too!)

You don't like unagi (eel sushi)? Well, I love you anyway. Meeting you last April was a high point of my whole trip to the U.S. - but at the time, I'd forgotten that you live in the States. That accent of yours is just so seductive...!

Good luck with NOWHERE TO HIDE. I admire someone who can write a romance in the midst of a war zone.

Cinderella said...

JP--excellent interview!!But you and your COWBOYS you are so HAWT!! Your voice is so sexy. Cynthia

Gaby said...

JB I love your book, I love your humor, I love you jajaja
But...i'm a woman and i think that you don't love me.
anyway, I love this interview.
Thanks !!!


Lex Valentine said...

Great interview, Jim! I'll admit I have a tough time picking out my favorite book too. Both things I've read and things I've written. I find it totally impossible to do. BTW, love that cover! Very sexy stuff!

JP said...

Thanks ladies - for the interview and the comments - love y'all - see I'm a Southern Scot!
Cheers, Jim

Megan Slayer said...

JP So glad you could be here. Don't send a vamp to me because I didn't get here to comment right away. I sucketh... Long weekend. And we here at the Menagerie love southern scots!

Lisabet, thanks for being here. love when you stop by!

Cynthia - isn't his voice wonderful? ;-)

Gaby - we all need love. But JP is fab.

Lex - doesn't he have great covers? I'm jealous!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and Thanks JP! Great times!