Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Author Interview ~ Sara York!

Sara York joins us today and I am thrilled. She’s a fellow Total-E-Bound author and a friend.

I’m excited. Why don’t we get down to the interview? Where are you from?

I grew up in central Texas. Yes I owned a horse. He was a cutting champion who was too old to stay in the game and I was lucky enough to get him. He was very loving and sweet. One thing I do hate about central Texas is the snakes. At one point my horse was bit by a snake. He survived but he was never the same after that.

Snakes? Ew.
Yeah, not a huge fan of snakes. Let’s move to something less icky. Tell us your latest news?

I'm currently working on my Princess of Gemariah series. There are seven sisters who are full of passion and desires but they are allowed little contact with the outside world. Oh yeah, and it's set in a totally different universe with places like Melopa, the pleasure planet.

I'm also working on a few M/M and ménage books and my Sara Thacker thriller books.

You are the busy girl. *g* What is your favorite character you’ve written (published or not)? Why?

My favorite character is Jake from Working it Out. Jake lost his partner six months ago and he's heartbroken. When he meets Lance he's disturbed by his feelings for this new guy he doesn't even know. But there's something between them that keeps Jake from totally ignoring Lance. Jake learns to love Lance and still honor the memories of his longtime partner.

Sigh. I love me some mm romance. Do you see writing as a career?

Writing is my career. This past year I began spending about forty hours a week working on writing. The hours spent shows too. I've released multiple Sara Thacker books this year and Sara York books. I have about five stories waiting review at various publishers for anthologies or are included in anthologies later this year. It's been a very productive year and it looks like next year will be just as productive.

Productivity is great. Speaking of, who designed the covers?

I've started doing cover design for my books. Both Princess Slave and Runaway Princess are book covers I designed. I love designing covers and it gives me an outlet to work on when I feel my writing is blocked. I'm currently working on a design for Smooth Lies, a thriller. It involves a hot Army guy and a sexy scientist being chased through the forests and mountains of Virginia.

Sexy scientist. You have my attention.

She had your attention at mm. Do you have any suggestions to help me become a better writer? If so, what are they?

Writing is hard work. Anyone can put words on a paper, but crafting a story that is good takes time. Then once it's crafted you have to edit the story. When you think you're done editing, keep editing. Edits should be painful and make you think about every word in a sentence. Don't make the mistake of thinking that one or two pass throughs of your story is editing enough. Keep working at it because eventually it gets easier.

Now for some fun questions. What animal do you think makes the best pet and why?

I love dogs but then again I'm deathly allergic to cats. So for me, dogs won't kill me by just being near. Our pug is crazy though. He came to us after being beaten and starved. Now he is the most loving dog in the word, but very neurotic when he has toys. We've had to strip our house of his toys on more than one occasion because he will hurt himself when he plays unless he's monitored very carefully.

Aww. Rescue dogs are the best, even when they’re being ornery. What were you doing at midnight last night?

Sleeping. I'm an early to bed kind of girl. But that means I'm up early. If I do happen to stay up past midnight It's not very pretty for others around me. It's best if I just go to sleep early and let everyone else stay up late.

Oh, well you’re the opposite of us. Have you ever eaten a crayon?

No, crayon and glue eating was highly discouraged in the school system I grew up in. We had a couple of very old teachers. I have no idea how old they were, but they were older than most teachers and they would smack you with a ruler if you even thought about putting anything in your mouth. I remember one poor kid got smacked several times a week when the year began, by the end of the year he had a desperate look in his eyes but he no longer consumed glue.

Ouch. Poor kid. What is your favorite animal?

I love dolphins. They are so intelligent and beautiful. I would love to do one of those swim with dolphins experiences. Now that my kids are older we'll probably do that at some point during a vacation. I also love gorillas. They are very intelligent creatures.

I’m not a big gorilla fan. Too hairy.

You don’t like men that are hairy. She doesn’t.
Shrugs. Have you ever cried during a movie? If yes, which one and why?

Are you kidding me? I've cried during commercials. The last movie I cried during was the final Harry Potter. I've read all the books. I knew what happened in the end and yet I still cried. I also cried during 127 hours at the end and so many more.

Well, we’re not the only ones to cry. Do you like thunderstorms?

I love thunderstorms, though I don't like the tornados that go with them. When the sky turns dark and the clouds roll in it's so exciting. I love the crackle of electricity in the air as the lightning starts to flash. The rain lashes at the windows and obliterates your view of the houses across the street. It's the chaos of the storm that I like the best. We haven't had rain in about two months here, so the next thunderstorm that blows through I'll be sitting front and center watching the huge clouds build and roll in.

It is a spectator sport. Can you tie a cherry stem in a knot?

Well yes. It's just one of those useful tongue tricks that all girls should know.

Do you want to know more about Sara York and her new book, Working It Out? Read on for the blurb! Buy Link at bottom or click the cover.

Passion and lust brings them together, what they don't expect is to fall in love.
Jake Grant is a sexy personal trainer not looking for anyone after his long-time partner passes away. He's ready to throw away his dreams by selling the gym just to get away from the ghost of his past. But once he meets Lance everything changes.

Lance Abbott is an orthopaedic surgeon who specializing in sports medicine and is completely in the closet. He is convinced that if his clients found out he was gay they would all leave his practice and he would have to abandon the work he loves. When he meets Jake, a man who is totally out, all of Lance’s perceptions about being “out” are challenged.

Passions and lust drive Lance and Jake together. But they soon find out their relationship is deeper than the physical heat between them. Can what they have last without anyone finding out? Or should Lance give up his insecurities and embrace Jake fully?



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