Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TMI Tuesday

Okay, today I'm at a loss for what to blog about so it's the TMI Tuesday Meme for y'all. Since I like doing it anyway... you might see it more. It's just a matter of my dragging my sorry butt over to the site and getting the questions. With that said, here's today's:

1. How many speeding tickets have you had? Accidents? I've only ever had one speeding ticket, when I was 17. I got pulled over one other time, but my obviously pregnant body, and my tearful (and truthful) excuse of having to use the bathroom but not liking public toilets got me out of it. I've never seen a more horrified Highway Patrolman. I barely made it home in time, btw.

2. Boxers, briefs or commando? Umm... well... I don't wear any of those... lol. What do I prefer on a man? Boxer-briefs. :-D

3. Have you ever had sex in your office or your place of employment? Nope... but does sex behind your place of employment in a car count?

4. Do you or your so own a motorcycle? Do you ever ride one? Do you wear a helmet when you ride? I don't own one, neither does my SO... BUT, my dad and brother do. I've grown up riding Harleys. Yes, I ride whenever I can wheedle my dad into taking me. I absolutely wear a helmet... it's the law here in Nevada. Besides... without my brain bucket, there'd be a much bigger mess to clean up if we wiped out severely.

5. Ever been skinny dipping? Yes

Bonus: Ever been arrested? Turned someone in/had someone arrested? Never been arrested... never turned anyone in, or had anyone arrested... been tempted a few times. Never went through with it. I'm sure there were a few times that I should have... but I didn't.

So... what are your answers?

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