Thursday, June 11, 2009

Next Step: Promo

So... although I still don't have my contract yet (haven't been able to think of a suitable new title -- the one I thought up already exists at the publisher....almost... so I can't have it :::pouts:::), I'm trying to think ahead to the dreaded: PROMOTION.

What works?

What doesn't?

I've been stalking author Sandy Lender on her virtual book tour for her novel "Choices Meant for Gods" this past week... and will most likely continue to stalk her through the tour. Check out her cool banner:

The place putting her tour together, Goddess Fish Promotions, also has other tours and various "things" they do: trailers, banners, etc.

And this got me to thinking... do they work? I think the biggest thing to do is get your name out there. Get people to see you and network, etc. Banners are awesome and cover ads, too. Will you get a zillion sales off of them? Maybe not -- but people will SEE you and your cover and eventually (or at least I work this way) will be curious enough to check it and you out.


I love book trailers. Love watching them and they've, more than once, at least encouraged me to check out a book or short story further. Do I always buy? Nope... but sometimes I do.

I admit to being a pretty visual person, and bad covers really turn me off, so I'm praying to the cover gods for an awesome one. I admit that it's really, really hard for me to overcome an icky cover in order to buy a book -- even if it's come highly recommended from someone I trust.

Still...gotta focus...


What do YOU think works? Why do you buy a book (especially from a new-to-you author)?

I really, really want to know.

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