Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How... Embarassing...

Hee hee.. okay, I'm one of those people who doesn't really embarass easily. If anything, I can usually find humor in just about any situation. Maybe it has something to do with the completely insane family I came from. I think that my brain takes some things and just runs with them. Might be my writer's imagination.. might just be that I have a dirty mind that lives in the gutter most of the time.

Well, today I want to share something that happened to my husband and made me laugh until I cried and my stomach hurt. I guess technically it happened to both of us, but I don't really see it coming back to bite ME in the ass. *snicker*

Some of y'all know that my hubby has a very twisted sense of humor. In fact, my family has accused ME of corrupting HIM, when truthfully it was the other way around. They just never believe me... he looks like a freaking choir boy.

Well, the other day, my hubby was making a few phone calls. He was sitting at the computer and I heard him dial a number and then my cell phone went off... with HIS ring tone that is specific to his numbers. I turned in my chair and asked, "Why are you calling my cell phone from the house phone? I know where it is, it's in my purse."

He looked at me, very confused, "It's not me!" Now, color me confused, as he is the ONLY one that ring tone comes up for, granted it's three different numbers, but they're all his. I could see the light dawn on him as he reached into his pocket and found his cell phone... which had dialed mine. Yep, that's right, he'd bumped it with some part of his body and dialed my number.

"Wow!" He was laughing as he disconnected the call from his cell phone. "It's pretty bad when my penis dials your cell phone just to get closer to your mouth." I'm NOT kidding. I rolled my eyes and went to turn away, which was when I noticed he had a phone in each hand.

"Um, babe, did you dial that last number before your cell called mine?"

"Shit." Then he proceeded to ask for who he had originally called for. Did I mention that my husband is a Scout master and was calling one of his Scouts' homes to talk with him? No? Yeah, you can imagine the look of horror on my husband's face as he realized he was speaking to his Scout's much younger sister.

Is it bad of me that I laughed? I don't just mean a little chuckle... I mean it was a good thing I was already sitting down or I would have been rolling on the floor. I kept quiet until he hung up the phone...but once he hit the "OFF" button I laughed until it hurt. Then I calmed down, took one look at my hubby's face.. and laughed some more.

"Shit, I hope that doesn't come back to bite me in the ass." Yeah, me too.

So, how do you take embarassment? Do you laugh it off and move on? Do you wonder over and over what you could have said/done differently? Do you use it for fodder for your muse? I'd really like to know if I'm the only one who just doesn't take these things too seriously. Well, I hope you got a laugh, and that you realize that even when you inadvertantly proposition someone's sister that life goes on and most people have a sense of humor about these things. I still have no idea if his sister heard the whole conversation... but no one has shown up on our doorstep to arrest my hubby either. I'll take what I can get. :-D.

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lastnerve said...

ROFLMAO! OMG, I WOULD HAVE DIED LAUGHING AT HIM! That is just too funny! I depends on the situation with me. Most of the time I can take it, sometimes, I just wish the floor would open up and swallow me whole.