Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Packing... and Other Things...

So, I sit here looking at my house that is in complete and utter chaos right now. Not that it's a new state for us, it's just a bit more this time. Aside from the daily "stuff" that makes up the life of a family of 7 (if you count the dog... and we do) I am now in the middle of packing... and shopping and making sure we have everything we will need for a trip.

Yup, that's right, we're taking a trip... because I just love to torture myself. LOL But seriously, my mother (the amazing woman that she is) has been setting aside money for a bit now to do this. She decided that we all needed to go to Disneyland and Seaworld before my oldest and my older niece got too much older. Sooooo.... off we go this upcoming Saturday with our four children in tow. My sister and her hubby and two kids will also be joining us, and my mother begged my brother to let my niece join us on this trip as well. My ex-bil couldn't be reached or cooerced into letting us bring my other nephew... but he'll be missed and we wish we could have made it happen. So, 7 children.... 6 adults... not too bad a ratio. My oldest will be celebrating his 10th bday in the park and there are all sorts of goodies that go along with that. He's definitely not complaining that there won't be a "big party" here in town, he much prefers family in Disneyland any day.

My best friend and her two lovely daughters will be dog sitting for us (it helps that Harley adores them as much as they adore him). I can't say how much I appreciate the three of them. They started out as the mother and sister of one of my dance students and quickly became family. If we could swing it... they'd be going with us.

Anyway, I was sitting here looking at the PILES of clothing I have to fold and get packed for all of us... and that doesn't include the stuff that we haven't even bought yet. (i.e. sunscreen, sandals, swimsuits for oldest and myself, those protective shirts surfers wear to keep the sun from roasting them, since all my poor boys have my pale pale Irish skin. etc.) I look at all this stuff I have done and have yet to do... and I'm tired already and we haven't even left for the trip. I know we'll have fun, the kids see the world so much differently than us adults do, and I want to see these things through their eyes again. How much fun is that gonna be? I truly am excited about it... but the prep work is insane... I have to work ahead so my "peers" aren't left in the lurch while I am gone. I have to try and get the house cleaned up a bit... I hate coming back to a filthy home :::shudder:::

Anyway, I thought I'd share the cover the ladies over at Whipped Cream gave me for my short story they published this last week on their site. I like to do these shorts because they get me past my writer's block. And hey, they get my name out there, and I get to play around with scenes I might not try, but give me the experience to maybe add them one day. If that makes any sense... even if it doesn't it makes sense to me. :-) So, if you get a chance, stop on in and read my short story and let me know what you think. It was all a writing prompt by Marianne over our IM chat... and that was that. Hope you enjoy it.

See y'all on the flip side... or maybe not. LOL I'm feeling just a little bit...flutterbrained right now. Enjoy your day. :-D

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