Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What Do You Do...

When your muse has ADHD? You think I'm kidding! NOPE... she has no freaking focus. Why is this coming up right now? I'll tell you.

Today I watched a video that was sent to me by my Ex-Navy/Firefighter brother-in-law that got my muse on a roll. I guess normally this wouldn't be a problem but I'm in the middle of edits on two WIPs and my current WIP needs to be finished. I HATE starting a new story before I've finished the one I'm working on... but like I said, my muse has ADHD.

As I watched this video, she went nuts. My brain was yanked into a whole different direction than it had been on for the last few months. I could hear my current characters throwing temper tantrums as I wandered off to follow along in her enthusiastic wake. This story is calling to me and I'm having a hard time moving back to my current WIP, which has left two of my main characters in a rather compromising position (they're not the ones complaining).

My question is, what would you do? Is anyone reading this? LOL What do you do when you can't seem to focus on what you're currently working on because your muse won't cooperate?

It's not like she's not being creative... she's just not sticking with the plan. I've been writing notes furiously as she jabbers in my head, but I really like the story I'm working on... and I think Cari will wring my neck if she doesn't get to read it soon... she has a thing for Farrell. :-) So, what do you suggest?

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V. Mann said...

Write down what's in your head then walk away. Go back to the characters that are throwing tantrums. If the new story is that important, its characters won't let you forget them either. I'm a firm believer that once you start a story, the characters you create live and grow. If you don't finish their story, you let them down.

Huh. Only another writer would ever understand THAT twisted, schizophrenic logic, LOL. But our characters DO live and we owe them a lot.