Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Real Mysti

A little bit about my, via Blogthings!

You Are An Exhibitionist

You believe that you're too great to have anything to be modest about.

You've got the goods, and you might as well show them off.

You love glory and attention. You'll do just about anything to get noticed.

You believe that all eyes should be on you. And you'll fight anyone for the spotlight!

Um.. huh. I had no idea!!! LOL...


You're a Free Love Kisser

Of all the kissing types, you've racked up the most experience.

Kissing is no big deal to you - you'll kiss anyone you find hot!

It's easy for you to take the plunge and make the first move.

And you don't really consider kissing to be cheating!

Um.. yes, actually I DO consider kissing "cheating"... Do you suppose these quizzes aren't really scientific?


You Are 50% Kinky

You are a very kinky person. You are completely open minded about sexuality.

You're up for something different from time to time, and you don't have many hang ups.

And while you're not into everything, you don't judge people who are.

You figure that anything between consenting adults is fair game!

Hmmm... I think this is where I keep my mouth shut, lol...


Okay... so spill... what about YOU?


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