Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TMI Tuesday

I forgot it was Tuesday... sorry. So, I'm late, but I'm here.

TMI Tuesday #186

1. Which traits from your parents do you see in yourself? ~ I talk A LOT! I come from a large Irish/German family... we get loud. From my mom, I think I have the "take care of everyone else" gene. From my dad, I'd have to say my love of cars (MUSCLE CARS!) and the belief that even though I am a girly-girl... I'm not helpless and I don't have to let someone else do things that I'm perfectly capable of just because I'm this little blonde thing.

2. Which traits from you/your partner do you see in your children (if you don't have kids, which would you like to see)? My sons all have the same mischievous twinkle in their eyes that my hubby does, and his love of life. My boys all love music and dancing as much as I do.... although I can't quite convince them that boys can be BOYS and do ballet. *sigh* I hope that I can pass on the morals and values that I learned growing up.

3. How did you get the birds-and-bees talk? Umm... I didn't... my family has always been... embarassingly open about sex. I feel like I've always known about it. I don't remember a specific talk. BUT, after I lost my virginity my mother and I were driving in my dad's truck and she didn't even look at me when she said, "So... do we need to get you in for birth control?" I wish she'd waited until I'd swallowed my drink before she said that. My dad make me detail the inside of his truck to clean up all the soda I spewed.

4. What was your favorite childhood book? I'm not sure, I loved to read (still do). I loved the Judy Bloom books, and the Little Creature books by Mercer Meyer.

5. What is your favorite piece of erotic literature? Natural Law by Joey W. Hill, hands down.

Bonus: What is the one thing you wish you could go back and tell yourself as a child? Umm... don't worry 'bout it, baby-girl, it all works out in the end.

Double Bonus: If your life were a book or movie, what would the title be? Hmm... "Full Out" ... because it's never as good when you only mark it. Sorry, it's a dancer thing. LOL

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