Thursday, May 21, 2009

Doing the Snoopy Dance

I'm so thrilled! Remember back in March when I mentioned I'd finally submitted something for publication? Well.....

:::drum roll::::

It was accepted!


The Wild(er) Rose Press accepted my story (previously) entitled "Love Your Enemy". The editor wants to change the title, which is fine. I haven't actually gotten the contract yet, but should have it soon.

I'm tickled pink.

Now... I need to get something else done and polished up. Must keep that ball rolling.

How do you celebrate when you get a contract?


Kealie Shay said...

I dunno... I'll let you know when it happens! LOL

Still doin' the happy dance for you. :-D

V. Mann said...

My first story was accepted by Cobblestone about a month ago. Over a year ago, my best CP and I agreed that if and when we ever sold our first story, we'd get a tattoo of a quill pen. Every story we sold after that we'd get another drop of ink added to the tat. I hate tattoos so I guess I never really believed I'd sell a story if I agreed to this.

My DD's boyfriend, a graphic artist, is designing my tattoo. YIKES!

Mysti Holiday said...

V. -- a tattoo! YIKES. Thankfully, Jenny and Kealie and I didn't agree to do that. In fact, I don't think we agreed to anything, lol.

I love the idea of a quill pen, though. And drops of ink... not TOO painful, right?

Congrats on your contract with Cobbelstone!

Viv Arend said...

Congrats on the sale! Woohoo!

What did I do to celebrate? First contract, I can't remember. I think I was too numb for it to register. I did, however, open up a bottle of champagne when the book hit #1 at MyBookstore and More after it's release.

I kept the cork as a memento!

Mysti Holiday said...

Wow, VIV. Your first story hit #1? That's awesome!!

Viv Arend said...

Thanks Mysti- I was very shocked and very pleased!