Thursday, May 28, 2009

Free Story! "Blue Light Special"

I had another short story accepted at Whipped Cream Reviews, and it was posted today. Look at the cool cover they sent me! And, I'd love if you gave the story a read and let me know what you think of it. Just click the cover and you'll be there.

Have a great day!


Angela Atkinson said...

Just read your story. Very sexy!! :)

Kealie Shay said...

Yay, Mysti, loved it... then again, I read it before you submitted it. LOL

Mysti Holiday said...

Thanks Angela!

And, Kealie, glad it was worth a second read through *G*.

Poetry-princess-untamed said...

I loved the detail,accept for 1 charecter trait...The woman seemed to have self esteem issues.She felt that he was out of her leauge saying'she was a nobody and YES SIR!I feel she couldve been confident knowing her beauty,her fire,knowing deep inside that 1 day Trysten would see the untameable sex beast she hides well,yet it radiates from within her spirit.Shy and intimidated by him yes,out of her league no way!I can picture Trysten being bored by the usual mistresses falling at his feet.But intrigued by the rare confident firey beauty that is uncommen to such A desired lover.She is shy and hidden yet Trysten sees A uniqe flame locked deep inside of her,giving him the excitment,the pleasure to be the great lover that holds A treasure.Trysten holds the 1 and only key that unlocks her mysterious,sexy beast within her.He may see that her differences from the lovers past are what entice him and fill him with A desire unlike any he had known before her.They would each be equally blessed each confident,and unique in there own ways,bestowing upon eachother gifts of pure sexual bliss,and passions that Trysten could only find with A woman who knew all along what she possesed.Giving him the thrill of being the beast who can discover her as the wild beautiful creature thar she is. Please dont take me wrong I love the writing it was sexy and beautiful.I simply wanted to note that women are sexiest when we know our worth and beauty.And the only men I am saying yes sir to are men in uniform lol,but thats a wnew story by its self ha ha..Sorry I dragged on I just want women world wide to know that we are all beautiful in our own ways.I love your writing I am officially A fan...EXCELLENT