Tuesday, May 5, 2009

TMI Tuesday & Purple Prose

First... TMI Tuesday:

1. Have you ever bought a membership to a porn site? If yes, what is the most recent one and did you like it? Umm... would I get away with it if I said it was research? I have, but I don't remember the site, and I didn't really use it... and I worry that my kids will mess with my computer and pull it up... 'nuff said.

2. Would you rather watch a erotic/porn movie, read a story, or listen to an audio? Why? Hmm... all of the above. I mean, come on, the watching for research...:-D... the reading because that's what I do, I read and write Erotic Romance... the listening, mmmm, just something about it that gets my heart racing that probably wouldn't happen if I was just reading it.

3. If you have a significant other what do you do for each other to get in the mood? If you don't what would you kind of thing could a future potential long term partner do to get you in the mood? I roll over. J/K ... but really, we have four kids, usually the only energy I have to get in the mood is to roll over and rub my hand along his arm. I like to let him read the sex scenes in my stories... and ask him to help me with research, you know: Is whipped cream really colder on the nipple than on the clit/penis? :-D

4. When it comes to sex, how much do you talk about it with others? How comfortable are you talking about sex? HA, I am an EROTIC ROMANCE AUTHOR, I talk about it all the time. I write about it all the time, and I write about writing about it all the time. How many ways are there to say Tab A inserts into slot B? Well, sometimes another person's perspective can help... they may use different words. :-D I'm pretty comfortable talking about sex... my family was rather ribald like that and it was never really a "dirty" thing to talk about in our house. Heck, I know more about my parents' sex life than I EVER wanted to.

5. What are the last 5 things you search for on Google (or another search engine)? How sad is it that I actually know just how to look this up: 1. Rick Yune (possible future Saturday Hottie material);2. purple prose (see below); 3. Yasmine Galenorn (I have some of her books and wanted to know the reading order... cuz I'm OCD like that); 4. Emma Woodbine (narrator for Audible.com, I loved the way she read a certain book and was wondering if I'd seen her or heard her somewhere else); 5. Thiago Vieira (This past weekend's Saturday Hottie). Those were the last five... I could go on I guess but you only asked for five. :-D

Bonus: Have you ever had a fantasy that you were ashamed of? Hmm... not ashamed per-se... I had a thing for my STEPbrother for a long time... then I got over it. Usually, I don't really care what others will think of my sexual preferences... it's nothing illegal... no pedophilia, or incest, so I don't worry about it. Therefore, no shame.

I enjoyed the questions this week, and I look forward to next week's. This just might become a regular thing, not just for when I don't know what to blog about. :-)


Now, as for the purple prose (I am NOT the only one who finds that phrase so very sexual. At first, when I harassed my sister on what to write about she said, "Purple prose" something I'd been whining about in a book I had just read. I told her "I'm not touching that one" and the conversation rolled downhill from there. I'm sure you can guess at the innuendos we were tossing about.

I even looked it up to see what others said about purple prose. The only "definition" was on Wikipedia. And I actually got quite a kick out of this description: "Modern instances of purple prose can often be found in romance novels. These started alluding to sex in the 1970s and authors, not wanting to be either pornographic or clinical in their descriptions, developed many euphemisms to describe body parts and sexual activity. Examples include "throbbing manhood", "quivering desire" and (he) "filled her with the hot wet tumult of his love." Body parts are often referred to simply by the term his or her "sex", which allows for such sentences as "He put his sex in her sex and they had sex."

Romance writers are aware of the problem, with Deb Stover contributing an essay "The Purple Prose Eater" to the book How to Write a Romance For The New Markets (1999)."

Why is this on my mind? Well, partly because I was reading a book that drove me a bit insane with it, and partly because I know that I sometimes struggle to write a sentence that is evocative without... purple prose. I mean, really, how many different ways can you describe Tab A inserts into Slot B? Don't get me wrong, I like words and the Thesaurus is my friend (I think I have like four) but how much is too much? When does it go from a well-written novel/story to an eye-rolling example of purple prose?

I'd really like to hear your thoughts on this. :-D

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