Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Top 10!

I am emotionally battered this week, so you won't get much of my wit or ... sarcasm today. I decided that since my brain wouldn't leave some things alone I needed to just do a simple blog. It started as a top ten that I took from another author's blog... and morphed. What she originally had on her blog is first and in italics and bold. What came after... that's me. So, here it is:

The Top Ten Ways You Know You're an Author

10. You narrate your own life. Your narrator sounds strangely like your critique partner/brainstorming friends/sibling.

9. You hear voices in your head and the only way to silence them is to tell their story. You not only hear the voices in your head, you speak to them as though they were standing right in front of you. Or, they can scare you half to death on the freeway when they jump up and say, "Hey, I drive one of those..." or "YES! THAT'S what I do for a living!" Sheesh, drive a girl off the road.

8. The best way to become your friend is to tell you they love your work. And that no one could possibly measure up.

7. The best way to become your enemy is to criticize your work. Even when we told you to be brutally honest. I never said we made sense, now did I? Or if you choose to snicker at the genre we choose to write.

6. You are rejected more now than you ever were in high school. At least when you finally get up the guts to finally submit.

5. Your daily mood directly correlates to your word count. And to how much you talk to yourself out loud where people other than your characters can hear you.

4. The blinking cursor has become your nemesis. If you had a way to kill it you would. And you'd make sure the death was as slow and excruciating a process as staring at that blinking cursor can be.

3. You spend more time with imaginary friends than real ones (and you're fine with that!). You can fix their lives when they make you make them go in the wrong direction... you can fix it.

2. If you're not writing you're wishing you were. Even when you are driving, cooking... sleeping.

And the number 1 reason: 1. For you, writing falls into the same category as breathing, eating and sleeping (those last two being optional). And completely unecessary in my book. LOL

So, I hope you enjoyed, I'm working on another list "You know you're a Published Author if.....

So, that's it for today. Will see y'all again, real soon I hope.

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