Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rough Times

Rough times... I was blog surfing, trying to find some inspiration for what to blog about today (as it IS my day and I am SOOOOOO behind). I was coming up blank, until I saw someone talking about having a hard time... and what she did to get at least partially through it.

Some of you may have seen it, or know me directly, but life has been rather... interesting in my world the past couple of weeks. I had no idea how to work my rough times into this blog as we tend to keep to the business end of things and less the personal end. If you want personal, you can see that on my MySpace page or blog, lol.

So, how do we as authors, move around, through or past the rough times in our lives? Well, heck... I use them. Want to torture my hero? Let's see... what crap am I going through right now that might just shoot him for a loop? Now, sometimes (okay, oftentimes) this doesn't work. Heck, my hero can't have his period, although... don't get me started on male mood swings. But, if my feelings, emotions whatever can help me to better explain what my characters are going through? Then why wouldn't I want to experience everything I could in my life. Whether it be good or bad, right or wrong, we can pull from those experiences what we need to maybe touch someone else through our writing. Yes, high hopes, but what's the use of low hopes?

So, rough times may knock me down, irritate me... heck, HURT me in more ways than I ever wanted to experience. BUT, that is half the fun of it. Getting through these things makes me stronger, makes me a better person and hopefully a better writer. Thanks for coming with me on the journey.

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