Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Books on Writing Fiction

I read a lot of books... I'm sure you can well imagine. I don't believe you can be a writer without being a reader.

I also enjoy books about HOW to write, and have read many. But my favorite -- by a mile -- is "On Writing" by Stephen King. I can't recommend this one enough for sheer inspiration.

The first part of the book is his writing journey. The second is some truly nuts-and-bolts advice. Stephen King doesn't mince words, he tells it like it is.

Want proof? Check this out:

And, if you haven't already... go read his book. In fact, I think I'm going to grab it and read it again.

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Kealie Shay said...

That made me laugh, and it made me think. Thanks for that, Mysti.

I guess it's a really good thing I love to read. LOL