Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thanks... for .... everything

I have been very sick the past couple of days... when it rains it pours. Mysti and Jenny get a bit antsy when they can't reach me, but that's what is going on. I feel rather like when it rains it pours. This month has been overwhelming: Marital issues...I get sick... hubby gets hurt, BADLY, and we are dealing with recuperation...I get really sick again... and nothing is really moving through my brain at a very easy pace.

I did get a short finished and subbed to WC and they posted it to their site this last week... sorry I didn't give y'all more notice, but it's been rather... rough lately to do anything beyond the basics in getting through each day.

A friend of mine pointed out, since he is quite a bit like me in this regard, that my writing is what sustains me, what gets me through when I'm not sure I want to push through. When it feels like it would just be easier to give up. AJ reminded me that this is who we are. We are writers and we take in everything... good or bad... and we save it. Then when it doesn't hurt so much, when we can pull it out and look at it without wanting to scream, then we use it. We go back to it and lose ourselves in these worlds we create. I may not have really been accessing my laptop, but I have notebooks throughout the house with my favorite sharpie pens attatched to them so that I can write some stream of consciousness and maybe work past some issues.

So, right now, I feel disconnected, discombobulated all sorts of 'dis' feelings, but I'm still writing. I'm still working through my feelings of anger, frustration, loss of trust, and just plain being sick / a nursemaid / then sick again... so hang in there with me. Hopefully, I'll come out the other end of this sooner rather than later and amazing stories will be able to be told. Maybe I'll be able to use some of it for my NaNoWriMo challenge coming up next month. As another dear friend keeps reminding me... "Writers write. Period." Trying to keep that one going.

Thanks for being there, those of you who have held my hand, cried with me and threatened bodily harm to the person or persons who ruined some of my trust. Y'all keep me going when I just want to lie down and give up for awhile. Now that I've made myself cry it's time to totter off to bed and try to avoid puking again (yes, yes, TMI, deal with it). Your support means a great deal... so thanks.

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