Thursday, September 13, 2012

When Watching Football...

Now I can't pepper this post with pictures as I don't have any NFL photographs that I own the rights to, but in this instance, no pictures works.

Okay, so I'm watching football - I never realized there was football (NFL) on Thursday night until the playoffs...shows you what I know - and I'm listening to the game. Not really watching it as I'm trying to write. I came to a realization. This game is PEPPERED with dirty words and phrases.

I had a friend tell me they weren't impressed by my writing hot. "Anything erotic doesn't hold water with me. There are some things that are sacred. Romance is not erotic." I wanted to shake the friend, only because it showed an ignorant attitude. All romance, IMHO, cannot be sweet. To be real, there will be moments when it's hot, when it's painful, when it's sweet and when it's racy. But I digress...

So anyway, I'm listening to the game and I hear things like:

"Took it hard up the middle"

"He needed to get his hands in there deep."

"Close coverage and he's nice and tight in the pocket."

"Double teamed on the ground."

Now you tell me, how is this NOT dirty? So that's where my brain is going to a MM and lots of tussling on the ground. Hey, I've got my mind down in the sewer and it's a good place to be. Grin. Come join me?

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Mysti Holiday said...

Ah, Megan ... I can always count on you to find the smut in every day activities. :-D