Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reviews for "Sugar Walls"!

Okay ... I don't think I'm alone in chewing off my fingernails every time I release something new, wondering if folks are going to like it. I'm a bit nauseous every time I do, as I wait for some reviews to roll in.

Recently, I've had a few, and so far the news is good! Hallelujah, maybe my nails can grow back.

From Jersey Girl Sizzling Book Reviews:

Sugar Walls is an entertaining short story that quickly takes you through the months of Jack and Emilie's secret interest and desire for each other. While their desire grows, the author stimulates the reader's interest with some really steamy fantasy self-pleasure scenes. The build-up of Jack and Emilie's desire is just the warm up for their eventual coming together where their steamy, intense coupling is HOT, HOT, HOT! I thoroughly enjoyed this short story, it was definitely hot cha cha cha worthy! 

From The Brunette Librarian:

Mysti Holiday does a great job of writing a scorching hot story with full character development in a short story format. Fun, flirty, and quick, Emilie and Jack’s story unfolds to their happily ever after. Sure they are different, but life is dealing with those differences. It makes us unique and that’s exactly what this story is! 

And, from The Love Of Reading:

A sexy short story from Mysti Holiday! Even thought short Sugar Walls was immensely enjoyable. Ms. Holidays writing is fun, sexy and full of sexual tension! But it's not only tension it has, oh no, there is plenty of rolling on the living room carpet in this one! 

Thanks to the reviewers for easing my ill feelings just a bit.

Authors, how do you feel about reviews?

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