Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Fun with Megan!

It's Friday and now that the youngling is back in school, my routine is back on track. I rather like it because I get more done this way. Sounds strange maybe, but I have to have a routine if I want to make any progress on anything.

My mom seems to think all I do is nothing all day. So because of the prompt from her to tell what I do, here's an outline of my day.

7:30 wake up, hope hair isn't too crazy and put it in a clip or elastic. Feed child, make sure child gets shower and dressed. Make sure child has bookbag, homework, lunch. I also do 45 min of work of the EDJ.

8:30 take child to school. When i get back to the house, another hour on the EDJ.

10:00 if I have errands to run, then this is when they get done. if not, then peruse the internet - gotta do that research. You know, look at shoes, browse Amazon and the smaller press pubs I love, open the WIP, stare at it, minimize WIP, and figure out what to have for lunch. 12:00 watch noon news, open and minimize the WIP

1:00 go back to EDJ and work for another couple hours. Listen to TV shows that I'm not really paying attention to. Get up and wander around because my butt's tired of sitting, go back to computer and work some more.

3:00 get child from school, help child do homework, figure out what to feed child/family for supper

5:00 feed family

6:00 read with child

7:00 go back to WIP and stare at it a bit, minimize, interact with friends on FB, Twitter, read emails, fiddle around on anyting but the WIP 8:00 Child goes to bed, spend time with DH

9:00 Dh goes to bed, time to work on WIP, I should work on it, but sometimes I don't want to. I write the blogs for the next day, work on guest blogs, hope I didn't forget a guest spot and then go back to WIP.

11:00 go to bed to start all over again.

Not the most exciting life, but it's mine. What's your day like?

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