Thursday, September 27, 2012

Friday Fun with Megan Slayer

Ode to the Man Butt

I've been watching the football games and those pants. Holy cow. Those are some tight britches. And see through! In a lot of cases, it's a nice view. Sometimes it's not, but who cares.

There's something about a man butt. Even when it's toned, there's a squishiness that begs to be grabbed. Spanked. Swatted.

And if it's nude and not hairy, even better for me. All those pictures shared on Facebook, on blogs and anywhere else man bottom can be shared...oh la la.

Even when the guy is lacking, there's still enough to grab. Cuz, why not? If it's not there to be grabbed, then what's it there for?

Okay, so this wasn't a great ode, but really, we're talking about man ass. It doesn't have to be super cool. Just look like Aaron Rodgers minus his pants.

Wicked Grin.

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