Thursday, November 24, 2011

RANT!!! Those Black Friday Commericals!

Okay, I am not normally one to rant, but this really got on my nerves this year. The Black Friday commercials.

Commercials tend to be a source of humor for me. I loved the Nationwide commercials with Loren Wallace for the Nationwide Series for Nascar. Cracked me up. I could watch the Mayhem commercials until I'm blue. "I'm your blind spot" "I'm a hot jogger" "I'm a wind storm" Great stuff.

But this year's batch of Black Friday Commercials seriously drove me crazy. Why? Which ones?

The crazy target lady. Screaming at the ad because she's shocked at the good deals. I don't think I've ever screamed at an ad. Even when there's something I really want, I just circle and try to be there when it's available. Then she runs through the heels. Um. Okay. So she wants to be in shape. Fine. But the last time someone ran in the store I was at, the person was trying to shoplift and run from the in-store cops.

Then there's the Kohls commercial. I'm a big advocate of do unto others as you'd have done to you. Why? Because. I have a child. Do I want him to go through a store, singing, and take things out of other people's carts? NO. Why? It's not courteous or polite and I'm sure they don't want it done to them. Oh and the big reason, IMHO?

Because it's TACKY.

I understand there is stuff you absolutely want. I get that people are willing to go to crazy lengths to get those things. I even kind of understand the need to sit outside a store for five days to be first in line.

We teach our kids not to cut in line, but on Black Friday it's okay? I'm sorry. It's still not okay. Shove elders? Still not okay.

Go do your shopping. Have a good time, but keep this in mind. The world won't end because you don't have a tablet, smart phone or whatever. And if your idea of having a great holiday means being a jerk to someone else, then it would appear you've lost the idea of the season. Tis better to give than receive. Tis better to have the spirit of brotherly love and kindness towards men rather than acting like a spoiled brat because you have to have a certain electronic device.

I've probably made people mad. Probably stepped on some toes. But, I can guarantee, I'll still open doors for those who are older than me (even if older by only a few moments) or younger than me. I won't poach something out of your cart. If I didn't act fast enough and get it from the display, then tough titties to me.

But that's just me.

Am I wrong to be irked with these commercials? I'm always willing to talk about it. Let me know.

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