Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm Late.... Again

No, not that kind of late. Nope, I finally got a chance to come over here and post. My personal blog is almost forgotten because I keep getting side-tracked.

Do you ever have that problem? I mean, besides gazing at the scenery, I have to work for a living and as much as I love my various employers (you didn't really think I did that did you?), sometimes trying to balance the duties of a youngling, a day job, and three horny vampires... I have no time to do what I want (Sorry boys, yes, you're what I want, that's not what I meant).

For example, right now, I should be blogging. So, I start. And as I'm typing, I see a slew of dirty glasses that should be in the sink. Do I continue working? It looks like it cause the post is done, but no. I retrieve the glasses, put them in the sink, wonder if the dishwasher is empty, clean, filled with dirty dishes, or drying... (Living with three vampires isn't easy. When I'm awake doing things for the day, they sleep like the dead... oh wait, they are the dead... well, don't mention it to them, it makes them cranky. And you don't want to have to deal with three cranky vampires.).

So I go back to the computer and back to my post, but then I think, gee, I'd like a drink. Off I go to get the soda. As that happens, the cat strolls by and I can't just let him stroll without reaching down to scratch his ears.

So, yeah, that's why my writing career is running late... again. Maybe one of these days I'll get to explain to the characters in my why they didn't get their stories told right away and maybe, just maybe, they'll understand.

Or maybe they'll revolt.

Who knows?


Mysti Holiday said...

LOL... sounds like me. I drive the dog crazy because she follows me, and I'm up, down, up, down (sounds like Winnie the Pooh).

But, as long as it gets done, right?

Kealie Shay said...

LOL, Megan, honey... you are in good company. You know we all do the same thing... I'll start editing, or critting and want a drink so I go in the kitchen, but then I find that the ice bucket is empty so I have to go out to the freezer in the garage, and I get back in make my drink and I notice the light on the dishwasher is lit (which means the dishes are clean) so I empty the dishwasher... then I stand in the kitchen and think, "Now what the hell was I doing before all that?"

And I'm sure it doesn't help you at all that I usually pop up in your IM window when you're trying to do stuff too... :::shrugs::: good thing you love me. :-D

Megan Slayer said...

good thing I love ya both. And yeah, this whole trying to do one thing at a time business is for the birds. at least its good exercise.