Sunday, November 22, 2009

Book Commercial ~ Sweet Salvation by Nicole Morgan

Sweet Salvation by Nicole Morgan

After waking from a coma following a brutal attack Shelby meets a man who is a stranger to her. Rex, who found her bloody and beaten body, vows to never let anyone hurt her ever again. A bond forms between the two and after months of a casual and comfortable friendship things start to change for Rex.

Falling in love with his best friend was not what the consummate bachelor had intended. For some reason though, when it comes to Shelby he can't seem to control his emotions. Giving into his desire for her he kisses her.

While it was a shock to Shelby, it awakened something within her that she wasn't aware that she had possessed. Passion.

Rex and Shelby begin to fall in love, unaware of the stalker who has targeted her and has been watching her for months. As their relationship intensifies Shelby starts to remember more from her past. Abuse she had suffered as a teenager, which was long since buried is suddenly bubbling to the surface in a horrific wave of nightmares. Dealing with the pain of the past only brings the two closer together. This however, doesn't sit well with her stalker who is determined to have her for himself by any means necessary. As he sets his plan into motion and more memories come to the forefront, the two are forced to deal with more than they ever realized.

The questions of who will survive and who will be destroyed remains. And will a surprise from Shelby's past shock them all?


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