Monday, November 16, 2009

Author Interview ~ Mary Corrales

Today, on the couch here at the Menagerie, we have incredibly gracious author, Mary Corrales. We’ve got her convinced we’re harmless… why are you laughing? Ahem… okay, so let’s get started: Hi, Mary, so great to have you here with us today why don’t you tell us your latest news.

My first paranormal erotic romance, Dhampir Passions, was just released on October 7th by Eternal Press. I’m very excited because I enjoy writing about vampires. It’s funny because the idea came from a simple sentence about the brother of Vlad Dracula, named Radu. So I created Dhampir Passions with the idea of Raduslav Dracula, a half-blood vampyr who was searching for the Draculesti family bloodstone.
I also currently have a short contemporary erotica, Clandestine Eyes, out through Breathless Press. It’s the story of covert agents who can’t keep their mouths off each other. It’s a quick, intense read with plenty of satisfying sex play.

Wow, congrats on your releases! Hopefully, it won’t be long before we’re joining you on the published bandwagon. So, what was the hardest part of writing your book?

I think the setting of Dhampir Passions gave me the most trouble. I based the story in a futuristic type world after a third and final world nuclear war. Therefore, I needed to combine both futuristic technologies, such as Radu’s solar motorcycle with southwest rustic living.

Oh, that WOULD be a challenge. I’m sure you pulled it off magnificently. And I’ll definitely have to take a look, this sounds really interesting. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

Realizing I was an erotica writer is probably what has most surprised me. I like writing futuristic and paranormal romances, but didn’t realized how passionate I am about writing erotica. It gives me the chance to be even more creative and daring when writing in the futuristic or paranormal realms. It’s challenging to write erotica, and I’m one that enjoys a good battle.

LOL, it’s always a bit of a shock the first time your spicy story takes a turn for the incredibly naughty. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way, either. What books have influenced your life most?

I think Woman Who Run with The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, has been one of my biggest influences. It’s the type of book that I reread often on my journey to self realization. I love psychology based books because they really help me to develop deeper characters. Two other books in my reference section of my shelf are The Art of Seduction and The Art of Power by Robert Greene. They’re packed with interesting stories that illustrate the various points in the book.

Oohh… those sound good! I’ll have to check them out. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I like to suck on things while I’m writing. Candy canes are my favorite, but lemon drops or skittles will do in a pinch. So long as something is in my mouth, I’m happy. Hmm, please excuse that possible innuendo.

Oh, hon, you should know better than to say something like that to an Erotic Romance author! Yeah, sorry… I like the innuendo, so I think we’ll keep it. And you are more than welcome to hang out with us whenever you want. :-D So, if you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

Actually, I’m fortunate to be friends with a writer I consider to be like a mentor to me in writing and life. Kari Thomas and I have been friends over ten years, long before either of us was published. She’s a fantastic writer, and her stories have the most engaging characters. She really sets the bar high.

That is fabulous that you have a friend that you can count on, and that she’s such a great support. What is your favorite animal?

Wolf. They’re majestic, powerful, pack oriented, and resilient. All the things I look for in an alpha male.

Well said. Have you ever cried during a movie? If yes, which one and why?

Yes, quite often. I think I might actually like crying during movies. I cried at the end of Con Air when Nicholas Cage was reunited with his wife and daughter. It’s funny because at the time my two nieces were also with me and had tears in their eyes. It was so much fun.

LOL, yeah some things can just set you off. Are you a morning person or a night person?

Night person, without a doubt. I enjoy the dark when it’s quiet and mysterious. I’m more creative and frisky. Mornings to me are a punishment, so I don’t wake up until noon if I can help it. The only problem with the night is that no one appreciates talking to you at three a.m.

Well… I dunno, maybe you’re not being appreciated by the right people. Do you like thunderstorms?

Thunderstorms can be very invigorating so long as you aren’t driving in them. I could do without the thunder but I enjoy the rain. It’s peaceful and soothing. Plus, thunderstorms can give you some seriously erotic dreams.

Yeah, thunderstorms can be pretty fun. If you could wish for anything what would you wish for?

I’m frivolous. I’d wish for a date with the lead singer of Nickelback. What can I tell you, he’s a sexy guy with a voice that could melt the panties off almost any woman. Hmm, might have said too much there.

Yes, he is quite sexy. I have a serious aversion to him though…he looks remarkably like my ex-husband… not that he IS, but still. I do love their music. Okay, now it’s time to say goodbye to our company. (M.I.C see ya real soon K.E.Y Why because we like you M.O.U.S.E). It was very nice hanging out with your today here on the Menagerie, Mary. Don’t be a stranger, let us know when you have knew releases and we’ll pass them along to our readers. Thank you very much for being here today.

Mary Corrales is a member of RWA and an avid reader of paranormal and futuristic romances. She has been writing for over ten years, before finally achieving success through publication this year. She has an associate’s degree in Psychology and enjoys studying human behavior. You can keep up with her on the web at her website: and she loves hearing from readers:

Dhampir Passions by Mary Corrales

Can everlasting love be found in a paranormal cauldron of greed, bloodlust, passion and murder?

Living in the post-war American Western Barrans, Linea Kamiya is in danger of becoming a vamp master’s minion. While she hides Desmondi’s evil mark from the townsfolk of Whickeup, the town council intends to take her farmland for themselves. Linea’s only hope lies with an enigmatic stranger.

Raduslav Dracula is hunting for the vampire who stole the Draculesti Bloodstone from his family’s gravesite. When Radu’s attraction to Linea turns physical, he knows he will have to battle with his heart as well as the demon Desmondi.

Is the half-blood Dhampir strong enough to embrace his own cursed nature to defeat Desmondi?


susan said...

Mary, your interview was quite interesting and love the covers of your book. Dhampir Passions reminds me of Steven Seagull in certain way you look at the cover. I am a night person too and enjoy doing things when other people wants to sleep. ha ha Thank heavens I live in the country and no close neighbors as I clean house better at nights. I can make as much noise as I want and no one to complain. ha ha susan L.

Ginger Simpson said...

Great interview. It was nice to learn more about a fellow author. I immediately thought of a Mandy what's his name from Criminal Minds when I saw the guy on the bike. Funny, how we are all so different in our "take" on things.

I envy anyone who can write vampire stories as that's what is really selling now. Unless I can figure out a way to sneak one into one of my Indian Tribes or put him in chaps and a Stetson, I'm sunk. I just can't buy into myself so I'm not sure I could sell it to a publisher. :)


Helen Hardt said...

Nice to meet you, Mary!

April Ash said...

Nice interview with some interesting questions. I feel the same way about writing erotic romance...once I got started and realized I could do it, I let my fingers fly on the keyboard!
I'm also a night person. It seems that's the only time I don't keep getting interrupted (although I love my family).
Congrats on the releases and keep those candy canes handy!

Anonymous said...

Loved the Interview, Mary! And....a BIG THANKS for the wonderful words about my writing! (grin)

Im a big fan of Mary's writing ---and not just because we're friends. She has a very unique talent of pulling a reader directly into the story; and as for her erotic writing all I can say is WOW--SCORCHING!

Do yourself a favor and read her books --- you certainly wont regret it! Theyre great ..... and did I mention WOW--SCORCHING?

Kari Thomas
Paranormal Romance Author

Author Mary C said...

It's great to be here with the Menagerie Authors.

"Susan", I know what you mean. I prefer to clean at night as well, but I have close neighbors. You lucky girl.

"Ginger," Thanks. Of course, we both know you're a remarkable writer, so don't change a thing!

Author Mary C said...

"Helen", Hello (big wave)

"April", I know what you mean about family. You love them but it's nice also to have time to yourself.

"Kari", Hi!!! Glad to see you. And thank you for all the kind words.
I'm turning pink.

Kealie Shay said...

So glad you could hang out with us today. It was fun doing your interview. I love meeting new people. I sort of agree with Ginger, he does sort of look like a young, much hotter, version of Mandy Patenkin (sp?). I does look like a great book... yet another to go on the TBB list. LOL

Author Mary C said...

Hi Kealie. I just recently started watching Criminal Minds and you and Ginger are actually right. I'm thinking maybe it's the smile.

Thanks for having me here today.