Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Love a Good Sale!

I was all set to talk about one of my passions: writing prompts ... but then I got THIS in my mailbox (sent to me as an author of WRP -- **SQUEEEE**) and had to share.

Its August which means we are celebrating the hottest line in the garden. If you've never walked on the wild side and visited our wilder roses, this is your chance to stop by, pick up a few selections and find out what makes our Scarlet Roses sizzle.

All this month, our titles in the wilder catalog will be on sale. If you have any interest in writing for the erotic romance line here at TWRP now is your chance to check out the type of story we are interested in contracting.

Turn up the air conditioning and indulge your fantasies in some of our hottest books the garden has to offer. Who knows you might even find yourself with a new idea for a book of your own.

So... holy SMOKES! For less than a cup of coffee (unless you're a senior citizen and go to McDs, *G*), you get a smokin' hot story that you get to read over and over and over.

How cool is that?

So... if you haven't checked out WRP's erotic line, it's here and it's on sale.

I love a good sale.

:::wanders off to go shopping:::

Some of these covers are awesome... check it out:

How do you choose? Anyone have suggestions for awesome books from WRP for me to read?


Catherine Bybee said...

Mine is out tomorrow... And I'm doing the snoopy dance. Thanks for shouting about the sale.

Mysti Holiday said...

Catherine... what's the title of your release? And WOOT! Congrats!!