Thursday, August 27, 2009

I <3 My Editor

Does it amaze you, despite having gone over a story a thousand times, and having your writing friends do the same, the number of errors and editing suggestions that come from your editor after contracting?

I'm so pleased with my editor for "Shut Up and Kiss Me". She's fun and astute and, as I look through her suggestions, she's challenging me to be a better writer. Isn't that fantastic?

I remember reading some of the old categories from Nora Roberts -- some I enjoyed (like the MacGregors) and some, not so much (but won't name them ... I don't do snark), but one thing I noticed as a reader who had started with her newer stuff and worked backward was how much better her writing got as she continued publishing. I don't know if I would have noticed so much if I hadn't read the newer stuff first and then found her older work lacking.

I'm sure some of that came with experience, but I wonder how much of it came from working with stellar editors?

So, Lori, if you're reading this. Thanks :-)

And, those of you who are published: did you love your editors? Do you think they strengthened your writing? Did you learn anything new from them?

Now... off to do more of the edits she's given me.

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