Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dear Santa...

What I'd really like for Christmas is a little more time. Do you suppose you can slip one of those nifty watches like Hermione had in Harry Potter into my stocking?

If I had three of myself (or three times the hours in the day), I might be able to manage being a wife, mother, housekeeper, author, student, accountant, dog trainer and more into one day.

Now? With only one of me, and a meager 24-lousy-hours a day?

Have you seen the dust on my mantle? The husband who barely knows my name? My DD, tugging on my arm, begging for me to play a board game? My heroine, currently tied to the bed and being ravaged by the hero (actually, she may be okay with that, and doesn't mind waiting until I get back to her, lol)? My dog, who regularly wreaks havoc in and out of the house?

So, Santa, I don't need anything extravagant. Keep the diamond earrings and the Caribbean cruise. Just send me a few more hours. Please? I've been (mostly) good.



1 comment:

Helen Hardt said...

I so hear you! I'm racing against two deadlines right now and could use those extra hours. Where do they go?