Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Six Step Program

I want my erotic stories to see the light of day. I love writing, but I want to share it with the public. And the simple fact is: there's only one thing to do.

I have to embark on the Six Step Program.

1. I have to write.

Yeah, I know... sounds pretty basic. But, honestly, some days (okay, MOST days) it's harder than it sounds. It's easy to get distracted and there are times when housework never looked so good (write a page or scrub the toilet?). So, yeah... write. Regularly.

2. Finish something.

Again, obvious... but the lure of a new story is a bit like those first, exciting dates with a special someone. Titillating. Sexy. Fun. A voyage of discovery. Those new ideas call and beg and flirt. Writing a story from beginning to end can be a chore... work... and not always fun. But, if I want to get it published it needs "The End".

3. Don't edit to death.

Editing = good. Never finishing the edits = bad. Nothing is never completely perfect. We can tinker and putter and correct and polish something to death. The "it's not ready" syndrome is a guarantee of failure. Eventually you have to proclaim something Good Enough.

4. Submit.

You can't win if you don't play! Gotta get it out there and run the risk of rejection. Which leads me to...

5. KEEP Submitting.

If someone doesn't like what I've written, I need to send it somewhere else. Again, and again and again. If they give me constructive criticism, then I can edit (if I choose), but I need to keep submitting. To quote that amazingly funny movie, Galaxy Quest -- "Never give up, never surrender!"

6. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Start at step one and do it all over again. And, it's good to be at different steps on different stories ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I can be submitting one, starting another and editing a third. That's okay. As long as I FINISH THEM.

So... where am I in this Six Step Program? I have one story nearly done. I'm at the climax (in more ways than one ::wiggles eyebrows::) and should be ready for the edit (but not to death) step soon. As soon as I get there? I'm starting something new.

Wish me luck.


JennyKat said...

I am so with you on this... as a matter of fact, I should copy it out and tape it to the wall right by my computer... or on my I see it every day. Probably the KNOW I look in it every day ;-)

Helen Hardt said...

Yes, Mysti, this is exactly what you need to do. It's what we all need to do. I have to tell you, I HATE submitting. I'm the worst at it. I need to get 100 submissions out there, and then grow a thick rhinoceros skin, LOL!

*waving to Kealie!*


Mysti Holiday said...

Yep... it's tough... I'm especially bad about the proclaiming it Good Enough step.

Randilin said...

Great 6 step plan. Sounds like the one I need to follow for my own stories and submissions.

My own Thursday Thirteen is up as well.