Wednesday, September 24, 2008

If Kealie Can Do It...

... I didn't remember what day it was either! Must be a crazy week at the zoo, er, Menagerie *G*.

I have a free erotic short story that will run TOMORROW (Thursday the 25th) at the Whipped Cream Reviews website. The link will be on their story page (right now it's Kealie's story, which is good, too!!) - here.

I was glad they folks there liked it, as I was a little disheartened today. It seems as though the publishing house I was writing my short story for (over there on the sidebar) may not be interested in it because it's about a married couple. And they may not consider it a romance, per se.

So, I have decisions to make (though I may still submit there, and give them the chance to say no):

Do I -

1. Make them not married?
2. Make the story edgier to fit another publishing house or, along those lines make it longer to fit somewhere else?
3. Toss it into the computer's recycle bin.

Decisions, decisions....

But, at least SOMEONE likes my writing! So, after you go look (on Thursday!), I'd love to hear what you think.


Kealie Shay said...

Hey, at least we didn't leave the blog blank! :-)

Don't recycle it! You can do it! See, you have your own personal cheering section here!

Helen Hardt said...

Don't ever give up on a story, Mysti. Write the story you want to write, regardless of what the publishers are looking for. If it comes from your heart, someone will want it.

And I read your short at WC. Very nice!!