Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So, tired...I need a vacation from my vacation!

I've been rather busy lately, and without giving a whole bunch of details about my life, let me just say life has been insane in my household. I have gotten NO writing done lately... and I absolutely hate that!

I was reading JennyKat's post the other day, and almost cried. I know we're supposed to be moving down this new road together, but I'm having a hard time moving forward. Each step is dogged by something that sets me back... holds me up... or just plain makes it hard to write. So, I'm frustrated. I have voices in my head that are talking non-stop, not to mention the voices of my children as I mutter to myself trying to flesh out a scene. It's just a bit... disheartening. All I want to do is write... get my stuff done and subbed. And it's not happening. "Life is what happens when you're busy making plans." I had set up a schedule that worked ... for all of a week. My older kids would be gone to play for a few hours, and the baby would nap... blessed silence... lots of writing!

Now,the baby is demanding attention most of the day (he's teething and fussy), my other obligations feel like they falling behind (and they ARE) and I'm not getting a lick of writing done... and I want to cry at the loss. I know this isn't really an upbeat post... but I'm not really feeling all that upbeat. So, well, here it is.

My DH recently took a "trip" and got away, no business, all play. And, I found that I was incredibly jealous. I would love to just get away from EVERYONE and work (in my own way)... just write and not have to deal with any of the typical day to day stuff that stops me when I'm just too danged exhausted to do anything else beyond sleep.

If you had the chance to just get away, a retreat of some kind. Would you consider your writing to be an escape to take along with you? Or, would it be considered work and be left behind for the duration of your "vacation"? Because, I'd really like a vacation, but I know for a fact I'd be taking my work with me.

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Sarah said...

I would take it with me...you can always shut the laptop lid... :o)