Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bending the Rules

How do you feel about rules? Are you a follower, a bender, or a flat-out breaker?

From the moment I started learning about fiction writing, I'd heard you shouldn't use flashbacks.

On my current WIP, I essentially begin the story with a flashback. I agonized (and, honestly still agonize) about this and considered all the different ways of beginning this, including real time of the same event, but nothing else felt right.

I admit... mostly (at least when it comes to writing), I'm a rule follower.

I'm a POV purist and despise head-hopping, even when done smoothly. I think head-hopping within a scene is just plain lazy, and if you try hard enough you can figure out how to get your point across while staying in one character's head.

I like commas where they belong.

And, please (whatever you do) don't confuse peak, peek, and pique when you're near me.

So, it was a great surprise that I opted for the flash back.

What about you? What writing rules you keep, and which do you bend?

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