Friday, December 10, 2010

Who Do You Resemble?

My characters have been chatty. Oh man, have they been chatty. I fell asleep and dreamed about River and Tory. Not a bad dream. Quite nice in fact. Then in the grocery store, I happened to pass the magazine rack. Tory shouts out "Hey! They put me on a magazine cover!"

Well, ok.

River propped his head on my shoulder and sighed. "Yeah, that's a nice picture of him, too. But hey, did you see I was on TV?"

Um, no. I didn't see.

But this is how my characters let me know precisely what they look like. they shout when they see themselves. It's kinda nice, cuz then I can really see them. Then again, sometimes I feel like they push in whenever they want. Men.

How do you know what your characters look like? I'd love to know.

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