Friday, December 17, 2010

Pretty Paper and Fancy Bows

I love wrapping presents, but I have a question. Do you shop for specific paper for specific people? Or are you one paper fits everyone?

I'm the first type. I have about 15 rolls of Christmas wrap. Gerard and Luke have a secret (well, not now) love of Batman. So they get Batman paper. Jeremy loves Scooby Doo. So he gets Scooby paper. The youngling? He gets Star Wars. Loves ole Darth Vader. Mom, she gets something with pretty birds or snowmen. You know, the sparkly, glittery kind. Except this year, because I fell down on the job--long story--I tend to give those I truly love presents with lots of bows. I don't put tons of ribbon cuz I'm good with whips and chains, but not knots. (not knots...heee heee). Dad gets something with tractors on them.

Oh, and yeah, I shop for the cats and the dogs. Sure. They love having Christmas socks and getting things. Who doesn't like getting things? I love giving, so it all works out.

One more thing: What do YOU want for Christmas? I don't have a very long list this year. I have the boys already. Have the pets. Have the youngling.

So what do I want? Something sparkly!!! Ruby, Garnet, or Sapphire and I'm good.

What about you?


Leah said...

Yes I'm like you and shop for different paper for different people. My daughters who are in their early 30's get something trendy bright and good quality. My husband gets wrapping in muted masculine colurs and textures and the cat - well, does she care? Nah - I don't wrap hers up - she's too busy playing with everyone else's paper to notice :-)

Hmm, what do I want? To begin with it's priceless, you can't touch it but it touches me, I can feel it if it's given out properly but the one person I want it from doesn't give it freely. All I want is his love xx

Megan Slayer said...

Awwww Leah, that's sweet.

The cats actually climb into the Christmas socks, cuz I get them cat nip it's a riot to watch them wiggle back out.