Thursday, December 30, 2010

To Resolve or Not To Resolve?

I was hanging out on Jennifer Crusie's Facebook page yesterday, when I saw this status:

I've decided my New Year's Resolution: I resolve not to make any resolutions. That way if I don't improve, I'm not breaking any promises, and if I do improve, hey, BONUS.

And I got to thinking: do I want to make New Year's resolutions this year? And if so, what kind?

Do I want to lose weight? Write more? Hang with my family more? Clean the house better? Learn to speak a foreign language?

Or do I not set them because to do so frequently ends badly...

I'm still on the fence.

What about you? Are you making resolutions? And if so -- what are they?


Deena said...

I'm making a resolution NOT to make resolutions! I figure, why should I wait till New Year's Eve to decide on a goal for myself? I make goals for myself everyday. But it's always the NYE goals that seem to be disastrous. So, I'm sticking with everyday, average, run-of-the mill goals that I can easily accomplish and feel great about.:)

Megan Slayer said...

Resolution: Get Pubbed. Seriously. I've got the stories done, so I'm making the time to get me and Kealie and just me pubbed.

Let's see what happens.