Friday, December 31, 2010


So yesterday Mysti asked if anyone had any resolutions. I do. I want to have a story pubbed. I mean really pubbed.

I've got two going (Well three). One's M/M, one's M/F with BDSM elements, and one (a set of four eventually) with Kealie.

M/M one is done...not polished and not edited enough to send anywhere, but it's done.

So that's my resolution. To get at least one story pubbed this year. It's a goal I've got anyway, so why not make it a resolution and something I can hypothetically achieve. (Don't want to toot my own horn or undercut myself...that's the best on the fence I can come up with.)

Stop back tomorrow for our First Hottie of the New Year. Oh, and the poll for Best Hottie of 2010 is coming very soon. Promise.

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