Thursday, October 14, 2010


So ... I got my first truly negative review a few weeks ago. It's taken the wound that long to scab over (I admit, I was picking at the scab a bit). I wasn't sure how I'd handle a really bad review. Now I know.

I admit, it was seriously demoralizing -- partly because it was the FIRST review for "Blue Light Special" (which has since gotten two good reviews here and here) and after all the work and excitement and whatnot, having THAT be the first feedback I received was really tough.

Still, I've *mostly* gotten past it. Will I remember it? Absolutely. It's oddly easier to remember the negative stuff. But will I let it affect me negatively? Nope. I'll look at it as a challenge -- and work at making my next story so vibrant and real that this particular reviewer will have to eat her words.

How do you deal with negative reviews?


Janice said...

I've only had one review so far, it had a couple of negative things said.

I shrugged and figured it's okay, I got four stars out of six so it wasn't all bad. Mostly it was positive. Some times you just got to take the good with the bad.


Mysti Holiday said...

Oh, I don't mind the ones that contain constructive crits... I expect and welcome them.

This one was the lowest rating possible, and then followed up by saying that the hero, heroine and plot sucked lemons.


I'm mostly over it. The two significantly higher reviews I've had since helped.