Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lederhosen Is Sexy - Part 2 by Kealie Shay

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Jerusha took a hesitant step into the room. The music thumped like a giant’s heartbeat and the sea of people in front of her writhed and twisted to the pounding rhythm. She had to smile. Leave it to Colleen to call this a “little gathering of friends.” Jerusha would bet that Colleen didn’t even know half these people.

She shook her head and her smile widened as she stepped further into the room, coming right to the edge of the mass of dancers. She turned to find her friend and came face to face with the one man she wasn’t sure she wanted to see tonight.

“Cody.” She murmured.

He tilted his golden head and slid his gaze down her body. The emerald color of his eyes darkened on the return trip to her face. She returned his perusal with every intention of ogling the body she’d missed so much. She stopped short when she got to his costume… then threw her hand up over her mouth to hold in the hysterical laughter trying desperately to slip out. His lips moved, but she couldn’t hear what he was saying over the pulsing backbeat of the music.

He leaned in to her and spoke directly into her ear. “Nice costume.” His breath puffed against her ear, sent a shiver shuddering down her spine, but didn’t stifle the laughter still fighting to get out.

“Funny, I was going to say that same thing.” She snickered, and gave up the fight. Leaning against his arm, Jerusha let loose the giggles she’d been bottling up and laughed until she had to hold her sides. She realized rather quickly that he wasn’t laughing with her. She gasped and stifled the giggles.

“Are you done?” he asked with a sardonic lift of his eyebrow.

Jerusha nodded and reached up to wipe the tears from her cheeks. She bit her lip and endeavored to keep her gaze on his eyes. If she looked down at his costume again she’d not be able to stop the giggles this time.

“What made you decide on that one?” Her lips twitched as she asked the question, and the answering humor in his eyes didn’t help her at all. That was one thing they’d always had – they could laugh together until everything was okay.

He looked down at his brown and green lederhosen outfit… that perfectly matched her own costume, then back to her dress. “A little birdie delivered this costume and told me that it would be most prudent for me to wear this tonight.”

A little birdie her ruffled bottom! She swung around, glaring at the people surrounding them, looking for her traitorous friend in the crowd. Colleen caught her eye from across the room and gave her a thumbs up sign. Jerusha narrowed her eyes and promised retribution. Apparently Colleen got the message, but she wasn’t worried. She grinned and blew Jerusha a kiss and sauntered off into the crowd. “Traitor,” she muttered.

The light brush of Cody’s hand on her arm drew her back around to face him. He leaned into her space again, and spoke against her ear. “Don’t be mad at her, Jer. I really wanted to do this for you.”

Goosebumps broke out along her neck when his lips brushed the shell of her ear as he spoke. Another puff of his breath pebbled her nipples and tremors shook her as she leaned against him. She’d brought her hands up and grasped his biceps before she even realized she had the urge to touch him. Who was she kidding? She always had the urge to touch him.

Somehow, she found herself pressed up against his chest. He took a deep breath and his chest rubbed against her distended nipples, wringing a gasp from her lips. She tilted her head when he took her earlobe between his teeth and nibbled. She swayed against him and he murmured in her ear.

“Dance with me, Jer. I miss feeling you move against me.”

She realized the music had changed. No longer frenetic in it’s beat, instead it was slow and sultry, seductive and sexy. The man gently persuading her into the slow movements of mock lovemaking was everything the music promised. It certainly couldn’t hurt to dance with him. While she hadn’t truly had a plan when she came down those stairs, she knew she missed him. She wanted this dance.

With a sigh Jerusha let Cody pull her fully into his arms and further into the crush of people on the makeshift dance floor.

I really had a blast doing this one. I loved that I didn't know where the other aurhtors would take this one. It was great fun to find out. Enjoy! - Kealie

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