Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lederhosen is Sexy - Part 4 by Mysti Holiday

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For a moment, her only awareness was Cody, his scent, the feel of his thick cock pumping into her wet core, the soft sounds of arousal he made in her ear. It was all so familiar and hot. Slowly, though, reality seeped in.

“Cody! God... anyone could see us.” Despite keeping her legs wrapped around his waist, she pushed against his chest.

He stilled, then nibbled along her cheekbone sending zings of desire through her body. “Do you want me to stop?”

Did she? God, no. “Don’t stop. I need you.” She tipped her head sideways, inviting him to press soft kisses to her neck and as he did he continued to move inside her, slow, deep thrusts that all but touched her heart. The emotions inside her built even as her orgasm did and when he shifted so his cock rubbed her clit with every move she whimpered, shivering as she started to come.

Cody covered her lips with his, muting their cries of completion as he plunged inside her one last time. Jerusha tasted salt in their kiss and only then realized she was crying. Her heart was so full of love for him, it overflowed and she couldn’t stop the tears from falling.

As Cody pulled out from her and tucked himself back inside his lederhosen, she dipped her head to hide her tears. She used the petticoat portion of her costume to clean up until she was composed enough to look at him.

“Jerusha?” He lifted her head with a finger under her chin. “Can we go somewhere private?

She laughed, keeping things light. “Now you want privacy?”

Cody’s expression was serious, as serious as she’d seen him. “I do. Please.”

She nodded, twining her fingers in his and leading him upstairs to her room, ignoring the questioning look Colleen threw her way as they passed.

Once inside, she closed and locked the door. “Private enough?”

He nodded, but when she reached for him, assuming he wanted to make love, he stepped back. Her heart dropped to her toes. The last time he’d acted like this, he’d dumped her. “Cody?” She backed up to the bed and flopped down.

A tiny smile quirked his lips then and he shoved his hands into the front pockets of his costume. “Jerusha.”

He took a deep breath and knelt between her knees. His left hand reached out and brushed a bit of hair from her face, then his thumb rubbed her still swollen lips. The tenderness was her undoing and tears welled and slowly traveled down her cheeks. He leaned forward, kissing each one away and then pressing one hard kiss to her mouth.

Eyes looking down at her knees, he started to speak. “Jerusha, I spent this last month absolutely miserable. I thought I wanted space. I thought I wanted freedom, but I discovered that real freedom is willingly sharing a life with the person who loves you enough to let you go. You never tried to guilt me into staying, never tried to force me to be someone I’m not. You let me leave and the only words you said were ‘I love you’.” His gaze lifted then, all but boring through her with its intensity. “Do you still love me?”

“Oh, Cody. Of course I do.”

His right hand appeared then, fisted with the fingers facing up. “Then take this and let me love you for the rest of our lives.” He opened his hand to reveal a small diamond solitaire ring.

She looked at it, then at him. “Cody, you don’t have to marry me. I know you hate the thought of being tied down.”

“You’re not a ball and chain, Jerusha.” He lifted her left hand and slipped the ring on her finger. “You’re the one who gives me wings.”

Jerusha cupped his face, caressed his skin with her fingers. “Cody, I love you so much. If this is what you really want, then I’d love to be your wife.”

He stood and laid her back on the bed, then joined her there, spooning against her, one hand cupping her breast and one curling around her pubis, fingers rubbing against her and making her wet all over again. “I love you back. Give me a few minutes and I’ll show you how much.”

Finishing up a story is never easy, especially when you didn't have a hand in the beginning! I had only a few words to get the characters to have sex (thanks, Jenny! LOL) and then find resolution emotionally. It was fun. And I love a sappy happy ending. I hope you did, too! ~ Mysti Holiday

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