Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lederhosen is Sexy - Part One by Megan Slayer

“Damn Halloween costume anyway.”

Jerusha adjusted the bodice of the Oktoberfest gown in a vain attempt to cover her modesty. Trust her best friend to surprise her with the “perfect” costume. How sad? Embarrassed by the amount of cleavage showing in the mirror. Oh sure, Cody would notice her in a dirndl; how could he not? She smoothed her hands over her hips, wishing the fullness of the skirt didn’t accentuate the hourglass of her figure.

Drunk people and skimpy costumes didn’t mix. Twining a braid around her finger, Jerusha sighed. She could hide...cop out and beg out of the party...face the music and hope her ex didn’t notice.

Or, she could shore her courage and dance her heart out. What if Cody made it to the Halloween bash? Let him look. He dumped her.

“Give him something to miss.” Colleen appeared over Jerusha’s shoulder. “I knew that costume was perfect for your body. Like a second skin with ruffles.”

A grin tugged the corner of Jerusha’s mouth and crimson infused her cheeks. As much as she didn’t want to admit it, the dress did look good, like a custom job.

“I don’t have the standard hose and Mary Janes. Do you think the stilettos with the buckles would work?”

“Wicked girl. Those shoes will be perfect.” Colleen’s green eyes sparkled. “Cody won’t know what hit him. Speaking of hitting him, are you going to hit on him or just act coy?”

Ah the touchy subject finally reared its head. Tell the truth? She missed his hands on her body, the way he nipped her neck when they made love, and the rumble of his voice as he murmured in her ear. She just plain missed Cody Wesleyan. But he’d walked away. Claimed he wanted something more, something she couldn’t give him. Her heart ripped raw once again. “I thought I’d be coy and do as you said—give him something to miss.”

“Good.” Clutched in her delicate fingers, Colleen handed Jerusha the knee socks. “He didn’t deserve you, and he sure doesn’t deserve a second chance, but I think he’s genuinely sad about the split.”

About time. She’d cried her eyes out over the man. Music thumped from the speakers on the first floor, vibrating the floorboards under her feet. “Is he here?”

“He and Marty are buddies. I’d assume he’s down there.”

“You don’t know? You the queen of knowing everyone’s business, don’t know if Cody is downstairs? I should be shocked, but I’m not.”

Shrugging, Colleen turned away. “I asked Marty here. Thought maybe he’d finally come around about me.” She threw her hands in the air, a sigh of exasperation falling from her lips. “Yes, I’m trying to get you and Cody back together and if I happen to hook up with Marty, then even better. Okay?”

After slipping on her shoes, Jerusha crossed the room to her best friend and wrapped her arms around Colleen’s waist. Definitely time to give the man eye candy he couldn’t refuse. “Men. Can’t live with them and can’t shoot them. Shall we go downstairs and knock those boys’ socks off? I’m ready to party!”

End Part One

I loved writing this little bit and getting the ball rolling. I mean, how can Lederhosen NOT be sexy? And what if it wasn't exactly her idea for a great costume? Things just fell into place (pun intended).
~~Megan Slayer

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