Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So... What am I Doing Again?

Yes, I have those moments... who doesn't? You walk into a room with purpose. You are there to do something. Then you stop, turn in a circle, scratch your head and think, "What did I come in here for again?" Half the time, I can't remember what it was that I was in there for... until I walk out of the room and am in the middle of something else. *sigh* I'm not even "of an age" when it's expected. I blame it entirely on my children... and being blonde. :-D

I went out of town last week to the Lori Foster Reader Author Get Together. Some of you met me there, and know my "real personna". I kept hoping that the time away from home would mean that I would get some writing/editing/ANYTHING done without the interruptions of my children/spouse/dog every five minutes. Nope... I got a big fat NOTHING done. Well, not nothing, I saw some of my favorite people! But nothing with my writing got done.

Now, I'm home, my kids are out of school for the summer... fun, right? And I'm slowly getting more done. Right now, I have two major projects going with my writing: 1) I am going through the second round of edits for Appearances (working title) in which I'm adding more content; and 2)I am adding some more to my Cowboy per the request of an editor who is interested in it (I know YAY! right!). Add to that the stories that are running around my head and the outlines that I'm working on and you can imagine why I'm wandering through rooms wondering, "What am I doing again?"

So, below are the nifty little avatar thingies I found for my stories. That little raisin guy cracks me up. So, if you want to cheer me on, I won't turn it down, lol... and hopefully, I'll have awesome news soon... :-D

2nd Round of Edits on Appearances:

Additions/Edits to Cowboy:

Anybody else have issues getting to their butts into a seat to finish edits or even a story? Anyone? What do you do when it seems the world is conspiring against you and your muse?

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